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Community Heritage


In an article for the Journal of the Academy of Urbanism, Kelcey considers what makes heritage valuable to communities today. 19 January 2023.

Heritage in the Cost-of-Living Crisis


In an interview with the Museum Association Journal, Kelcey talks about the challenges and opportunities the cost-of-living crisis is bringing to the heritage sector. 13 January 2023.

Celebrating World Heritage


For World Heritage Day, Kelcey has written a new blog on how heritage sites help us to understand the rich history of the world. 18 April 2022.

What heritage means today


In a new blog for the AHF, Kelcey considers what more can be done to encourage greater inclusivity in the heritage sector. 6 September 2021.

'Goodness': The Verb


Kelcey joins Ian McMillan and guests to discuss 'Goodness' through the centuries, on BBC Radio 3. Listen in here. 31 January 2020.

BBC History Magazine Book of the Year


Tracy Borman chose Daughters of Chivalry to join '37 Books for History Lovers: Books of the Year 2019'. Read the review here. 10 December 2019

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'Engaging and enjoyable' - The Wall Street Journal review of Daughters of Chivalry


Allan Massie has reviewed Daughters of Chivalry for The Wall Street Journal. Read the review here. 4 October 2019

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'A lively account of luxury, power and politics' - Shelf Awareness for Readers review


Read the review here. 8 October 2019

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'Engrossing' - Starred review of Daughters of Chivalry in Library Journal


Laura Hiatt reviews Daughters of Chivalry for Library Journal. Read the review here. 1 September 2019

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'Perfect for Anglophiles...' - Publishers Weekly review of Daughters of Chivalry


Read the review here. 26 June 2019

'Humanising...fascinating' - The Catholic Herald review of Daughters of Chivalry


HA has reviewed Daughters of Chivalry for The Catholic Herald. Read the review here. 25 April 2019

'Whoop, whoop!' - The Spectator review of 
Daughters of Chivalry


Hermione Eyre has reviewed Daughters of Chivalry for The Spectator. Read the review here. 13 April 2019

Literary Review review of Daughters of Chivalry


Catherine Hanley has reviewed Daughters of Chivalry for Literary Review. Read the review here. March 2019

Guest interview on The Writing Desk


Interview with Tony Riches on his blog for writers, The Writing Desk. Read the interview here. 23 April 2019.

Interview with BBC Cambridgeshire


Kelcey joins Jeremy Sallis on Lunchtime Live on BBC Cambridgeshire Radio. Jump in at 2:21 to listen to the interview here. 4 April 2019.

'Medieval Rebel Princesses' in BBC History Magazine


Kelcey wrote The History Essay about royal female intercession in the April issue of BBC History Magazine. Read the essay here [paywall].

Interview with Bookmark on Cambridge Radio 105


Kelcey joins Leigh Chambers on Bookmark on Cambridge Radio 105. Listen to the interview here. 23 March 2019.

'7 things you didn't know a medieval princess could do' in History Extra


Kelcey contributed a short article on some surprising stories from Daughters of Chivalry with History Extra. Read the article here. 21 March 2019.

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